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Grandparenting isn't what it used to be.  More active, more adventurous grandparents are engaging grandkids in a more dynamic way.  Truley, 60+ isn't what it used to be.  Join Kim and Pam and guest, popular speaker and author Tim Kimmel, for a converstation that will inspire you to look at grandparenting in a whole new way.
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Man: First is best.  God-Last is First.  Man: The greatest wins. God-The least is the greatest.  God's ways don't always make sense, but understanding them can help us navigate this life with serving His priorities.  Join Kim and Pam for an upside down conversation with author Tom Taylor, and come to grips with the contradictions of Jesus.

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Does Satan scare you?  Do you worry you are in his crosshairs?  Perhaps it's time to take your eyes off the devil and put them squarely on Jesus.  Join Kim and Pam for a revealing conversation with Guy Chevreau, author of "Spiritual Warfare Sideways."  You may never look at spiritual warfare the same again.
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Bringing home a new baby does not have to mean saying goodbye to romance...but it does mean changes.  Guest Dr. Mark Crawford, author of "When Two Become Three" helps navigate the transition from couple to family, keeping the romance but making room for the rugrat. Kim and Pam ask what you want to know.
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What do athiests really think of Christians, and what do they think of our churches?  Kim and Pam have an honest and enlightening conversation with real live athiest Hemant Mehta, author of the book "I Sold My Soul on Ebay."  Mehta's insights from his expereince of "church hopping" give great insights to the Christian community of how to better reach out with an effective presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
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Can you be Pro Life and Pro Poor?  Can you be Pro Military and Pro Peace?  Is it possible to be for man and for the environment?  It is if you have found the political God center.  Join Kim and Pam for an honest converstaion that will have evangelical Christians rethinking political correctness.
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Join us for an honest converstaion about Christians and politics.  Our guest is Ron Sider who has some eye opening observations about the conventional Evangelical take on political activism.  Get ready for a new view of political correctness. Part 1
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If your family were a tv show, would it be Leave it to Beaver or Jerry Springer?  If you have all but given up on gaining control of the discipline in your family, tune in for help for desperate parents - as easy as 1-2-3.

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Towels on the floor. Piles on every surface. And no peace in your life. If clutter and chaos are stealing your peace, join Kim and Pam for a lively talk full of tips to restore order to your home and peace to your soul.  Today's guest is organization expert Vicki Norris.
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Is work a bore?  Are the kids driving you crazy?  Are relationships causing a strain?  What happened to the Joy?  Kim and Pam find it again with guest Sandra Steen, and you will to!

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Does God really help those who help themselves?  Will I really get wings when I get to heaven?  Join Kim and Pam for an enlightening conversation with author and speaker David Rich. You might just be suprised to find out what isn't in the Bible.
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Today's Guest is Dr. David Hawkins, Ph.D., the relationship doctor and special freind of Engaging Women Radio.  If you have ever labled your emotions as "good" or "bad" you will find help in making ALL your God-given emotions work for you, not against you. Join Kim and Pam for a lively and honest conversation.

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