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Is insecurity robbing you of life's fullness? Do you worry about failure, impressing others, or just not measuring up? You may need a little confidence - Supreme Confidence, that is. Kim and Pam engage author Deborah Smith Pegues as she shares the secrets to ebracing your individuality, becoming the ulitmate team player, and finding success even as you help empower others -all through placing your confidence in the One who never fails.  For more read Supreme Confidence.
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Gas prices are skyrocketing, but could they also indicate a quickening in God's end game for the world? Could our modern times also be the end times as described in Bible prophecy?  Join Kim and Pam, and best selling author and Bible expert Ron Rhodes, for a look at what might be coming sooning than we think, and how Christians should respond to conditions that appear to be spiraling out of control. For more, read "Northern Storm Rising" by Ron Rhodes.
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Maybe it doesn't seem like "abuse. No bruises. No scars. It might all look okay on the surface.  But people all around us are being destroyed by emotionally destructive relationships.  Maybe even you.  Kim and Pam are joined by clinical social worker, author and lecturer Leslie Vernick to find out what it will take to see it, stop it and survive it.  In the home, in the church or in the work place, these out of control relationships can't be fixed until they are talked about.  For more, get Leslie's book: The Emotionally Destructive Relationship.
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Did Jesus really rise from the dead?  Is Gospel music more holy than praise music?  Can a real Christian worship on Saturday?  When do we agree to disagree and when do we stand by a conviction without compromise?  Kim and Pam explore the essential core beliefs of the Christian faith and how they differ from the non-essentials with author and Christian aplogist Dr. Norman Geisler. You might be suprised at what isn't worth splitting over.
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