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Freedom has never been free. Today, young men and women are paying the ultimate price in service to the country they love.  The question is: How can we best serve them?  Join Kim and Pam as they hear a first hand report from Captain Chris Plekenpol, a former commander on the frontlines of Iraq.  Together we will discover what our brothers, sons, daughters, husbands, and sisters are expereincing over there and what we can do to serve them best over here.  Also read, In the Fog of War, by Captain Chris Plekenpol, for a first person account of how God is changing lives on the frontlines in the war zone.
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 Do they carry a harp or wield a sword? Do they serve God or serve men?  Do they really have wings? It's time for the real angels to please stand up. Today on Engaging Women, Kim and Pam seperate fact from fiction when it comes to these ministering spirits.  Join the conversation with author and Bible expert Ron Rhodes to find out if angels are really among us.  For more read Ron's book, Angels Among Us.
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Most of the world is okay with God, it's us Christians they can't stand.  And sometimes for good reasons.  Join Kim and Pam as we take an honest look at ourselves and ask whether we need an extreme makeover.  Guests Bruce Bickle and Stan Jantz (known via their 60 books as simply Bruce and Stan) will help us restore some dignity to our dingy image.  For more read, I'm Fine with God, It's Christians I Can't Stand, by Bruce and Stan. Also visit, www.conversantlife.com .

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You nurtured them, raised them, gave them wings -and then your children left you.  But don't despair!  An empty nest does not have to mean an empty life.  If you are feeling unsure, scared or even expectant join Kim and Pam for an exciting converstaion with Susan Yates, co author with Barbara Rainey of Barbara and Susan's Guide to the Empty Nest. Together we will discover new purpose, new passion and the great adventure that begins when the nest is empty.   
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Are you are tired of arguing with your spouse over the same old issues and desire a deeper, richer marriage? It is truely within your reach if you are willing to relearn how to love.  Relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich show us how our early life experiences create and "intimacy imprint" that effects how we love. For those willing to reach to the past the may find the marriage of their dreams in the future. For more read "How We Love."
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