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Trouble in work relationships. Trouble at home. Trouble finding true success.  The key to transforming every aspect of your life is learning to express authentic love.  Dr. Gary Chapman shares the seven keys that can help any person live a love-driven life.  Join Kim and Pam for a conversation that will help you find the sucess in life and relationships you have always longed for.  Also read, Love as a Way of Life, by Dr. Gary Chapman.
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Parental Alert:  America's adolescents are at risk.  A new study reveals that today's adolescents are living without a purpose and "failing to launch" as young adults into joyful and productive adulthood.  Lacking direction , important life changes are being delayed by twenty-somethings who are aimless and full of uncertainties. Parents can make a difference that will lead to young adults transitioning into a passionate, purposeful adult life. Join Kim and Pam as human development specialist and Director of Stanford Center on Adolescence, Dr. William Damon, gives direction to parents, teachers, youth workers and families. For more, read The Path to Purpose by Dr. William Damon.  

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The TV is filled with them.  Movies are a made about them; but do they really exist? 38% of Americans believe ghosts can come back to visit us and 28% beleive they can communicate with the dead.  Are they right, or is something else going on? On this broadcast, Kim and Pam look past the land of the living into the world of the paranormal with guest Ron Rhodes, author of The Truth Behind Ghosts, Mediums, and Psychic Phenomena. 

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