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What parent hasn't looked at their beloved but bewildering child and wondered, "What is he thinking?"  It's time to get inside the minds of those teens and preteens to find out about the longings that drive their seemingly illogical decisions and attitudes.  Kim and Pam talk with best sellering author Lisa Rice for insights into decoding and responding to what our teens are really trying to communciate.  For more read For Parents Only.

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You won't loose 30 pounds in 30 days no matter what the info-mercial promises.  But dramatic changes are possible when you turn your health -body, mind and soul, over to the power of God.  When God takes first place, He can transform your life in ways you never thought possible.  If you are ready to loose pounds and gain greater spiritual strength, tune in as Kim and Pam talk with author and health expert, Carol Lewis.  Carol is the director of First Place 4 Health ministry and author of best selling book by the same name.  Also visit, www.firstplace4health.com .

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Many parents struggle with "going to bat" for their children without alienating the authority figures involved. Whether that authority figure is a coach, a pediatrician, a principal, or a mother-in-law, it takes courage to be an advocate for your child. It also takes wisdom to do so without being defensive or demanding. Author Vicki Caruana provides real-life examples and the confidence parents need to be champions for their children. Join Kim and Pam for some practical back-to-school parenting advice. Also read, Standing Up for Your Child Without Stepping on Toes, by Vici Caruana. 
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In a time when job security is a thing of the past, is it still possible to put your dreams ahead of a paycheck? It is!  Thanks to the radical shift that is reshaping the American economy, it's possible to redesign your work to create a career path that matches your passions and interests, as well as your expertise.  Join Kim and Pam for a conversation with author and life coach, Dan Miller, to discover your true calling at work and how to achieve it.  Also read, No More Mondays, by Dan Miller and visit www.48days.com .
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What's better than having a room with a view?  How about a life with a view.  At a time when Christian belief is contantly challenged, understanding different worldviews can help us think and live faithfully.  Whether you are looking for the meaning of life or looking for ways to explain it, today's program will make a world of differnce as we put Christian truth-claims to the worldview test.  Join Kim and Pam, and guest Ken Samples for a view altering conversation.  Also read, A World of Difference by Kenneth Samples.
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