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It's that time of year: the day that has Christians shaking in their boots and shaking the heads about what to do?  Can a Christian celebrate Halloween without selling out?  Join Kim and Pam for a surprising look at the origins of this controversial holiday.  You may be surprised to learn that it isn't as scary as you have been led to believe.  In fact, the truth is Halloween began as a holiday in the Christian church. Join us for a journey into history to discover the truth about Halloween as well as some creative ways Christians can celebrate without selling out.  Also read, Redeeming Halloween, by Kim Wier and Pam McCune, published by Focus on the Family.
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The markets are in turmoil, but you still have to buy groceries.  Gas prices are volatile, but you still have to drive to work.  College is expensive, but your kids need a good education.  So how can you navigate through rough financial times without sinking your family finances? America's Family Financial Expert, Ellie Kay, joins Kim and Pam for some day to day practical advice that can help smooth out the ride even in these rough economic times.  This is a must hear program for every family!  For more, read A Tip A Day with Ellie Kay and visit www.elliekay.com .
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Everyone wants one.  Everyone needs one.  And having one is priceless.  A good friend is not just a luxury... it is a necessity no woman can afford to be without.  Today Kim and Pam, and author Karen Porter explore the dynamics of healthy friendships and how to find friends that encourage and inspire us. For more read, I'll Bring the Chocolate by Karen Porter and visit www.karenporter.com .
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What parent hasn't looked at their beloved but bewildering child and wondered, "What is he thinking?"  It's time to get inside the minds of those teens and preteens to find out about the longings that drive their seemingly illogical decisions and attitudes.  Kim and Pam talk with best sellering author Lisa Rice for insights into decoding and responding to what our teens are really trying to communciate.  For more read For Parents Only.

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You won't loose 30 pounds in 30 days no matter what the info-mercial promises.  But dramatic changes are possible when you turn your health -body, mind and soul, over to the power of God.  When God takes first place, He can transform your life in ways you never thought possible.  If you are ready to loose pounds and gain greater spiritual strength, tune in as Kim and Pam talk with author and health expert, Carol Lewis.  Carol is the director of First Place 4 Health ministry and author of best selling book by the same name.  Also visit, www.firstplace4health.com .

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Many parents struggle with "going to bat" for their children without alienating the authority figures involved. Whether that authority figure is a coach, a pediatrician, a principal, or a mother-in-law, it takes courage to be an advocate for your child. It also takes wisdom to do so without being defensive or demanding. Author Vicki Caruana provides real-life examples and the confidence parents need to be champions for their children. Join Kim and Pam for some practical back-to-school parenting advice. Also read, Standing Up for Your Child Without Stepping on Toes, by Vici Caruana. 
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In a time when job security is a thing of the past, is it still possible to put your dreams ahead of a paycheck? It is!  Thanks to the radical shift that is reshaping the American economy, it's possible to redesign your work to create a career path that matches your passions and interests, as well as your expertise.  Join Kim and Pam for a conversation with author and life coach, Dan Miller, to discover your true calling at work and how to achieve it.  Also read, No More Mondays, by Dan Miller and visit www.48days.com .
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What's better than having a room with a view?  How about a life with a view.  At a time when Christian belief is contantly challenged, understanding different worldviews can help us think and live faithfully.  Whether you are looking for the meaning of life or looking for ways to explain it, today's program will make a world of differnce as we put Christian truth-claims to the worldview test.  Join Kim and Pam, and guest Ken Samples for a view altering conversation.  Also read, A World of Difference by Kenneth Samples.
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Trouble in work relationships. Trouble at home. Trouble finding true success.  The key to transforming every aspect of your life is learning to express authentic love.  Dr. Gary Chapman shares the seven keys that can help any person live a love-driven life.  Join Kim and Pam for a conversation that will help you find the sucess in life and relationships you have always longed for.  Also read, Love as a Way of Life, by Dr. Gary Chapman.
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Parental Alert:  America's adolescents are at risk.  A new study reveals that today's adolescents are living without a purpose and "failing to launch" as young adults into joyful and productive adulthood.  Lacking direction , important life changes are being delayed by twenty-somethings who are aimless and full of uncertainties. Parents can make a difference that will lead to young adults transitioning into a passionate, purposeful adult life. Join Kim and Pam as human development specialist and Director of Stanford Center on Adolescence, Dr. William Damon, gives direction to parents, teachers, youth workers and families. For more, read The Path to Purpose by Dr. William Damon.  

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The TV is filled with them.  Movies are a made about them; but do they really exist? 38% of Americans believe ghosts can come back to visit us and 28% beleive they can communicate with the dead.  Are they right, or is something else going on? On this broadcast, Kim and Pam look past the land of the living into the world of the paranormal with guest Ron Rhodes, author of The Truth Behind Ghosts, Mediums, and Psychic Phenomena. 

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Freedom has never been free. Today, young men and women are paying the ultimate price in service to the country they love.  The question is: How can we best serve them?  Join Kim and Pam as they hear a first hand report from Captain Chris Plekenpol, a former commander on the frontlines of Iraq.  Together we will discover what our brothers, sons, daughters, husbands, and sisters are expereincing over there and what we can do to serve them best over here.  Also read, In the Fog of War, by Captain Chris Plekenpol, for a first person account of how God is changing lives on the frontlines in the war zone.
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 Do they carry a harp or wield a sword? Do they serve God or serve men?  Do they really have wings? It's time for the real angels to please stand up. Today on Engaging Women, Kim and Pam seperate fact from fiction when it comes to these ministering spirits.  Join the conversation with author and Bible expert Ron Rhodes to find out if angels are really among us.  For more read Ron's book, Angels Among Us.
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Most of the world is okay with God, it's us Christians they can't stand.  And sometimes for good reasons.  Join Kim and Pam as we take an honest look at ourselves and ask whether we need an extreme makeover.  Guests Bruce Bickle and Stan Jantz (known via their 60 books as simply Bruce and Stan) will help us restore some dignity to our dingy image.  For more read, I'm Fine with God, It's Christians I Can't Stand, by Bruce and Stan. Also visit, www.conversantlife.com .

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You nurtured them, raised them, gave them wings -and then your children left you.  But don't despair!  An empty nest does not have to mean an empty life.  If you are feeling unsure, scared or even expectant join Kim and Pam for an exciting converstaion with Susan Yates, co author with Barbara Rainey of Barbara and Susan's Guide to the Empty Nest. Together we will discover new purpose, new passion and the great adventure that begins when the nest is empty.   
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Are you are tired of arguing with your spouse over the same old issues and desire a deeper, richer marriage? It is truely within your reach if you are willing to relearn how to love.  Relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich show us how our early life experiences create and "intimacy imprint" that effects how we love. For those willing to reach to the past the may find the marriage of their dreams in the future. For more read "How We Love."
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Is insecurity robbing you of life's fullness? Do you worry about failure, impressing others, or just not measuring up? You may need a little confidence - Supreme Confidence, that is. Kim and Pam engage author Deborah Smith Pegues as she shares the secrets to ebracing your individuality, becoming the ulitmate team player, and finding success even as you help empower others -all through placing your confidence in the One who never fails.  For more read Supreme Confidence.
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Gas prices are skyrocketing, but could they also indicate a quickening in God's end game for the world? Could our modern times also be the end times as described in Bible prophecy?  Join Kim and Pam, and best selling author and Bible expert Ron Rhodes, for a look at what might be coming sooning than we think, and how Christians should respond to conditions that appear to be spiraling out of control. For more, read "Northern Storm Rising" by Ron Rhodes.
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Maybe it doesn't seem like "abuse. No bruises. No scars. It might all look okay on the surface.  But people all around us are being destroyed by emotionally destructive relationships.  Maybe even you.  Kim and Pam are joined by clinical social worker, author and lecturer Leslie Vernick to find out what it will take to see it, stop it and survive it.  In the home, in the church or in the work place, these out of control relationships can't be fixed until they are talked about.  For more, get Leslie's book: The Emotionally Destructive Relationship.
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Did Jesus really rise from the dead?  Is Gospel music more holy than praise music?  Can a real Christian worship on Saturday?  When do we agree to disagree and when do we stand by a conviction without compromise?  Kim and Pam explore the essential core beliefs of the Christian faith and how they differ from the non-essentials with author and Christian aplogist Dr. Norman Geisler. You might be suprised at what isn't worth splitting over.
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Grandparenting isn't what it used to be.  More active, more adventurous grandparents are engaging grandkids in a more dynamic way.  Truley, 60+ isn't what it used to be.  Join Kim and Pam and guest, popular speaker and author Tim Kimmel, for a converstation that will inspire you to look at grandparenting in a whole new way.
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Man: First is best.  God-Last is First.  Man: The greatest wins. God-The least is the greatest.  God's ways don't always make sense, but understanding them can help us navigate this life with serving His priorities.  Join Kim and Pam for an upside down conversation with author Tom Taylor, and come to grips with the contradictions of Jesus.

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Does Satan scare you?  Do you worry you are in his crosshairs?  Perhaps it's time to take your eyes off the devil and put them squarely on Jesus.  Join Kim and Pam for a revealing conversation with Guy Chevreau, author of "Spiritual Warfare Sideways."  You may never look at spiritual warfare the same again.
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Bringing home a new baby does not have to mean saying goodbye to romance...but it does mean changes.  Guest Dr. Mark Crawford, author of "When Two Become Three" helps navigate the transition from couple to family, keeping the romance but making room for the rugrat. Kim and Pam ask what you want to know.
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What do athiests really think of Christians, and what do they think of our churches?  Kim and Pam have an honest and enlightening conversation with real live athiest Hemant Mehta, author of the book "I Sold My Soul on Ebay."  Mehta's insights from his expereince of "church hopping" give great insights to the Christian community of how to better reach out with an effective presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
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Can you be Pro Life and Pro Poor?  Can you be Pro Military and Pro Peace?  Is it possible to be for man and for the environment?  It is if you have found the political God center.  Join Kim and Pam for an honest converstaion that will have evangelical Christians rethinking political correctness.
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Join us for an honest converstaion about Christians and politics.  Our guest is Ron Sider who has some eye opening observations about the conventional Evangelical take on political activism.  Get ready for a new view of political correctness. Part 1
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If your family were a tv show, would it be Leave it to Beaver or Jerry Springer?  If you have all but given up on gaining control of the discipline in your family, tune in for help for desperate parents - as easy as 1-2-3.

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Towels on the floor. Piles on every surface. And no peace in your life. If clutter and chaos are stealing your peace, join Kim and Pam for a lively talk full of tips to restore order to your home and peace to your soul.  Today's guest is organization expert Vicki Norris.
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Is work a bore?  Are the kids driving you crazy?  Are relationships causing a strain?  What happened to the Joy?  Kim and Pam find it again with guest Sandra Steen, and you will to!

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Does God really help those who help themselves?  Will I really get wings when I get to heaven?  Join Kim and Pam for an enlightening conversation with author and speaker David Rich. You might just be suprised to find out what isn't in the Bible.
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Today's Guest is Dr. David Hawkins, Ph.D., the relationship doctor and special freind of Engaging Women Radio.  If you have ever labled your emotions as "good" or "bad" you will find help in making ALL your God-given emotions work for you, not against you. Join Kim and Pam for a lively and honest conversation.

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